Obtaining a quote for InsuredSupport ® IncomeAssure® child and spousal support unemployment insurance is an easy and instant process. It takes less than 30 seconds.
We would like you to know the following before you begin:
This is a private and confidential process
You will never be required to speak with anyone and no one will call you
Everything you need to know is provided on this website
There is a toll-free number and chat function you may elect to use if you think you need help
Call 1-888-593-8752 if you need help

Step One: Answer the questions as they appear on your screen
Question 1: What State do you work in? (The obligated party)
Question 2: What is your annual income? (Your answer does not affect the cost, only asked to qualify you)
Question 3: Number of weeks of benefits? (We fill that in automatically. 24 weeks is automatically provided)
Question 4: Trade or Occupation? (Select the one that best describes your job or field of employment)

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Use the free, “do-it-yourself” no obligation, quoter below to receive a preliminary quote for InsuredSupport® MSAI. Follow the simple instructions on your screen. Once you have entered your state, annual income, occupation, simply use the “slider” to adjust the amount you want to insure. If you are satisfied you can apply for coverage by clicking “apply now“. If you are not certain how to answer a question, click on the “?” for an explanation. There is also a “Live Chat” feature to help you through the process or you can call: 1-888-593-8752